Peter Martin

Trade Finance Specialist

Director of Teybridge Capital


Having commenced a career in banking in 1981 with Barclays Bank, Peter joined ABSA in 1988 within the corporate and merchant banking division. By 1994, in response to the South African Grain and Agricultural Boards’ disbanding, he started developing off-balance-sheet financing structures to fund the commodity supply chain in South Africa.

Such was the success hereof that ABSA soon formed a specialised division which Peter headed up and expanded across the African continent and internationally. He later joined Barclays Bank Plc (2003) and Standard Chartered Bank (2007) at their request to form similar divisions specialising in global trade and agricultural finance.

In 2011, Peter retired from Standard Chartered Bank as Global Managing Director: Structured Agricultural Finance to create similar solutions to benefit SMMEs worldwide and train banking professionals and funds in local and international structured trade and commodity finance.