Paul Westraadt

Senior Manager – Credit


Paul is a seasoned credit and risk manager with 40 years of experience in corporate and commercial banking, trade, and asset finance.

Twenty-one years at First National Bank (originally Barclays Bank South Africa) gave Paul a thorough grounding in corporate and commercial credit risk management. In 2001, Paul joined Citibank Group for 7 years, working across 42 sub-Saharan African countries.

Here he held his own single creditor mandate of US$10M. This also covered 200 Financial Institution credit lines. In 2008, BancABC Botswana engaged Paul to head their credit. This he did for 7 years covering Southern, Central and East Africa.

Over the past 5 years, Paul has supported an asset finance company with credit exposures in the same regions as BankABC and South America and serviced a sub-Sahara trade finance JV business. He is now working with Teybridge Capital.